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Business LoansBusiness Loans 

We offer a wide range of loan programs to service the needs of both small and large businesses.  You’ll be dealing with a local team of experienced professionals who live and work in our local communities – a team who knows the market and can make decisions fast and efficiently.



Term Loans

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This loan can be used to make capital improvements or purchase equipment. Repayment schedules can be designed to meet the needs of your business. 

Lines of Credit

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You can fill the gap between accounts receivable and accounts payable with a working capital line of credit. Funds from the line can be transferred into your general operating account as needed, up to your available credit limit, paid back and borrowed again as needed, all with a simple phone call to your banker or through our online banking service.

Commercial Mortgage

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We can provide the financing for your commercial real estate needs. We offer competitive rates and favorable terms. All decisions are made locally.