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Penn Security Bank has made real estate financing its specialty for over a hundred years. We’ve helped thousands of families realize the dream of owning their own home and take great pride in providing affordable financing programs to the residents of our local communities. 

When you’re ready to buy, build or refinance, we may have a solution for you that meets your needs. We are a locally-managed, community bank headquartered in downtown Scranton. We offer a wide range of options all with competitive rates and terms – and mortgage professionals to help you choose what’s right for you.


Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

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Penn Security Bank offers financing for fixed rate loans in a wide range of terms. Competitive rates, zero points and bi-weekly option make this a very popular choice for our customers.


Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loans

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Let our mortgage professionals show you the many advantages of an adjustable rate loan and how they can help you buy the home of your dreams. Advantages include lower initial monthly payments, attractive for short-term loans that may allow you to buy more home for your money.

We offer several different terms with low down payment requirements. And, no point loans are available for all of our adjustable rate products. Our mortgage professionals will help you understand how future rate changes can affect your loan. 


Construction Mortgages 

Construction Mortgage

Our construction program is one of the very best within our markets – you have only one closing and you’ll pay interest only during the construction period. We allow a 9-month construction period, zero points, low down payments and fast approvals. All of our fixed and adjustable rate products are available for residential construction projects. 

When choosing a lender, look to Penn Security Bank for hometown, personalized service backed by a bank that has been serving our local communities for over 100 years.

If you need help or advice on what type of loan is best for you, please contact our Loan Representative at 800 327 0394 x2344 or email loaninfo@pennsecurity.com.

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