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Trust and InvestmentTrust & Investment Services

Penn Security Bank offers a broad range of fiduciary and investment services. As an independent, locally managed community bank in Scranton, Penn Security Bank has provided quality Trust and Investment Services to the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 75 years. We have helped our customers make informed choices to build a personalized, sound financial plan that meets their goals. Please call us at 570 346 7741 x2225 to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

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Investment Management

Management of your assets is an important step in your financial planning process that will help you attain your financial objectives. Your account is set up according to your assets and risk tolerance. As your agent, we will provide investment review and supervision and submit periodic recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of investments either before or after the trade is placed, depending on your wishes.

IRA Trustee Services

As trustee for your Individual Retirement Account, we will provide investment review and supervision and make recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of investments.

Estate Administration

Our Trust Department can act as the personal representative of your estate. We are also able to act as Agent 
for the Executor, whose busy schedule may not allow time for the many details that must be handled.

Living Trusts

A living trust is an asset management plan tailored to your specific needs. It will benefit you in your lifetime 
and help you provide for your family's welfare in years to come after you are gone.

Trustee Under Will

Many times it is beneficial to leave assets in trust to your heirs via a will rather than outright. We are here to carry our your wishes and intentions according to the provisions of your will.


We handle all types of guardianships of incompetent's and minor's estates.

Life Insurance Trusts

These trusts provide a simple, flexible way to increase the protection provided by your life insurance policies. The proceeds of the policy are made payable to the Bank as Trustee and are administered by the bank in accordance with the provisions of the trust agreement.

Custodial Services / IRA Custodial Services

As custodian, we will hold your assets and investments for you, collecting all income from such securities, and handle all the bookkeeping transactions.

Corporate Trusts

Penn Security Bank can act as the Paying Agent for Corporate and Municipal Bond Issues, as well as, fiscal and financial agent for governmental authorities.

Pension and Profit Sharing Plans

Penn Security can act as Investment Manager for pension and profit sharing plans for your employees including HR-10 and 401(k) Plans. We work with you and your actuary or record keeper, CPA or attorney in managing your plan.


Certain Insurance and Investment products are subject to the following disclosure.
Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value | Not a Deposit | Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency